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Cloud Computing
IB2BS, Inc serves software, data access and storage services through Cloud computing. IB2BS, Inc helps the businesses to improve their IT services better, secure, fast and cost effective.
IB2BS, Inc serves different types of cloud services Public, Community, Hybrid and Private as business needed. It provides services infrastructure, Data, security and application.
IB2BS, Inc Cloud Computing provides
» Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
» Platform as a Service (PaaS)
» Software as a Service (SaaS)
Consulting & Professional Services
Consulting & Professional Services analyze the businesses and provide solutions to Infrastructure, Database and application cost effective solutions. We provide design, infrastructure, security, Quality assurance, Testing, software solutions.
IB2BS, Inc analyze existing Business process, applications and provide report and suggest the solutions to improve productivity. Our experienced professionals will assist for building Infrastructure, Database design, Security, Application development, Quality Assurance, Testing and meet business goals. Our services deliver the solutions on time.
Infrastructure Management
IB2BS, Inc serves strategic infrastructure plan for business hardware, network, and security and software solutions. IB2BS, Inc analyzes all business activities, functionality and give the optimal and cost effective solutions.
IB2BS, Inc Infrastructure management team provides customization solutions for infrastructure, hardware, software and applications development solutions. It will improve the business process.
IB2BS, Inc supports maintenance for existing applications, Infrastructure, Security and data bases.
Systems Integration
System Integration is bringing different systems into one system. IB2BS, Inc provides solutions for complex systems integration and improve the performance and cost effective solutions.
IB2BS, Inc Integration team consolidates integration architecture, configuration and implementation for business needs. We will give fast, efficient, solutions for current and future business processes.
Content Management
IB2BS, Inc mission is to give best, efficient, cost effective solutions to the client. We build top niche custom solutions for content management. We provide solutions for Web content Management, Enterprise Document Management. We also streamline the critical aspect of content management.
Enterprise Information Security
IB2BS, Inc offers security solutions for enterprise businesses. We can analyze the infrastructure, network, database and software and give the comprehensive secure solutions. IB2BS, Inc provides strategy planning to implement secure enterprise infrastructure.
IB2BS, Inc review the existing enterprise architecture frame work and provides security solutions and training. IB2BS, Inc also monitors daily activities and prevent security threats.
IB2BS, Inc design and develop security frame work for infrastructure, application development.
Support & Maintenance
IB2BS, Inc provides IT infrastructure maintenance and support services. We also maintain 24/7 service desk operations and remote monitoring support. IB2BS, Inc helps businesses to optimize IT cost and maintenance.
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